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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Back Again.....After A While...

Yeah, it`s been a while. Explanations later. But here is a story that needs to be told.

Jeff Biggers: Live at the KY Capitol on Day 3: Exclusive Video Interviews with Wendell Berry and Sit-in Activists

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Does Sestak Have A Plan For The Tea Party's?

Congressman Joe Sestak is locked in a tight race with Teapublican favorite Pat Toomey for the Pa Senate race. Sestak has trailed throughout much of the contest. Is that a worry? Not really. He came from behind to win his District back in '06. He came from behind to upset Arlen Spector to take the primary. In other words, he's a good closer. And given that Toomey is stalled -- he's maxed out his support -- and Sestak is still showing movement, this race does not look good for the GOP. The most ignored aspect in this year of flawed polls seemingly based on the smoke and mirrors of such entities as 'likely voters' and generic ballots is the ability of the Democratic Party to conduct a very effective ground game in the GOTV arena.
And Sestak may well receive a boost in this. Check the link below....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Trouble For Miller

Teapublican Joe Miller has problems. Ethical problems. On many levels. As do some of his supporters. Miller has been, despite his attempts, exposed as a liar. And capable of duplicitous activities such as tampering with the computers of others in order to slant a poll he set up to further both his and his sponser, Sarah Palins, agenda.

Miller has other ethical problems, such as collecting the very same benifits he calls unconstitutional. But now so do some of his supporters.

We all know now that a couple of his 'security' people handcuffed and detained a journalist -- in a clear violation of First Ammendment Rights. Problem is ( amongst so many others ) those upgraded Mall Cops were actually active duty soldiers. Who were there without the permission of their commanding officer. Who probably wouldn't have given it.

This was great for me, because a couple of days after this I was sceduled to give a brief to recruits on conduct. One aspect of which was the role of Active Duty soldiers in politics.

It's pretty simple. There isn't one. And those two idiots gave me a great teaching point. All I had to say to the class was picture that CO getting a call from way higher ( think five sided building ) wondering WTF? And think how that was rolling downhill........they got it.

I really wouldn't want to be those two guys.

But how is this connected to Miller directly, you ask? Simple. His lack of ethics his a contageous virus that affects all around like a poisonous , miasmic fog.

And this is not likely confined to Miller -- but he serves a great example. A lot of these teapublicans quite simply have not been vetted. While I am sure are fine, upstanding citizens amongst the teaper crowd, whose main flaw is just political naivity, there are many who are ticking time time bombs of indescretion. Nazi impersonators. Questionable on line postings. Receiving benifits or government subsidies ( not that there is anything wrong with that ) that they seem to want to deny to others. It's a long list.

And Millers bad week is only going to get worse. There are questions about his discharge. West Point Grad only does three year and three months of his five year obligation. Why? The Army --and particularly the WPPA doeasn't tend to let huge investments slip away. Unless there is good reason.

Is there? Perhaps we will find out. But not from Joe Miller. But his numbers are slipping and an opportunity has come that could allow Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams to slip up the middle of a split GOP vote.

So something good may come out of this after all. And maybe, just maybe the GOP will learn to vet candidates that drag all around them down.

Two Miller security team members investigated in Alaska – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Speaker Is In Charge

Via the Daily Beast comes an article from Princeton historian Sean Wilentz praising the leadership of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He refers to her as the 'perhaps the greatest Speaker since Henry Clay'. Wilentz knows a thing or two on the subject. His book Rise Of American Democracy - Jefferson to Lincoln is a pretty much seminal work on the politics of the era. And a darn good read if you are a history geek like myself.
I had great hope when Nancy Pelosi became Speaker. I haven't been disapointed. She's doing the job. Well.
Willentz' view is here:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The DLC Fades

Peter Beinart has an article up in the Daily Beast that I actually agree with, given his own background as a DLC apoligist. But he is correct in pointing out that there is a new type of Democrat out there, growing in numbers that do not subsribe to the DLC's view of going along to get along. A view that has been entirly discredited by those that do not fear the GOP. A group that realizes there is nothing to fear about standing up to the Minority Party and getting legislation done. Given that the DLC's current leader is none other than Horrid Harold Ford it is no surprise that it fades from relevance. Fords comical bid to try and unseat Senator Gillibrand showed how woefully out of touch he, and his organization are with currnt moods in the country
and the electorate itself. Their time has passed and it's time to put it where it belongs --- nowhere near the decision making of the Party.

For more check the link below.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Elections Have Consequences.....So Do Hockey Games

White House Press Secretary paying his
Olympic debts to his Canadian counter part.
Note that he is wearing neither Sidney Crosby's or Roberto Luongos number ( it's 39 he's got on ).
For the second time in history Canada has seized the White House ( they did it in 1814 --- look it up. And the WH wasn't very white when they left. )

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading The Tea Leaves.....

Interesting view from a GOP pollster as regards Tuesdays special election. He raises some good points. My own view is that this election was primarily lost by a completly inept candidate who was surrounded by an even worse campaign staff --- you just don't take vacations during a campaign. Ever. For any reason. It doesn't help when your opponents campaign appearances outnumber your's 3-1. No one involved in this horrific campaign 'effort' should be allowed anywhere near a future campaign. The ineptitude of having no tracking polls is staggering. Ignoring people such as Vicki Kennedy who early volunteered for the campaign is rank incompetance. Waiting untill the last few days of the campaign to bring the Unions in is......polite words fail me. A complete study of How Not To Succeed indeed.

That being said, this pollsters views are worth noting. So much so that he will likely be pilloried by GOP partisans. This shoots all sorts of holes in their interpitation of the results. And thats a good thing for Democrats. Who need to view this as well.

GOP Pollster: Mass Results Not A Referendum On Obama’s Overall Agenda The Plum Line